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Property Management – For our Investors

Looking for a proactive real estate agent to manage & protect your investment property?

If your managing agent is not proactively assessing & updating your rental income both when re-signing leases with existing tenants and when re-letting the property, your investment property is not achieving its true rental income. Let us do an income audit review for you and provide you with the necessary insights of your property to make sure your investment property is earning its maximum rental income.

Why choose us to manage your investment property?

We focus on the bigger picture

As an investor, we understand you’ve got future goals and plans for your property portfolio and you want to protect and grow your asset(s) as much as you can. That is why we don’t only manage your tenancy, but we also manage your asset(s), by making sure your property is always achieving its best income potential.

You’ll always have direct contact with the directors of the agency

The direct relationship with you allows us to know what your investment goals are and where you’re headed with your investment in order to best help you over the years to come, to ensure we grow your asset(s) together.

You’ll receive regular real-time market updates

To ensure your property is always achieving its absolute highest rent possible in the current property market, we’ll provide you with regular real-time property market updates and insights to ensure you have clarity on what is currently happening in the property market. We’ll also provide you with an estimate of the sales value of your investments and even your principal residence, in order to ensure you are always across the total value of your portfolio. This allows you to have your finger on the pulse and make smarter financial decisions – whether to seize a potential new opportunity or simply to switch up your portfolio.

Holistic day-to-day management 

We don’t divide our properties between portfolio’s, our entire property management team is across all of our clients’ properties at any given time. This ensures we know exactly where your investment property is at. Our property managers are also fully equipped with the skills and systems required to manage your investment effectively.

These are only a few reasons why you should choose us as your property manager. We would love to talk to you further about how we can make your investment work better for you and how we can protect and grow your asset(s) over the years to come, with our focus on ASSET management and not on TENANCY management.

Not happy with your current rental income or the level of service being provided by your existing property manager, but worried that the process of changing agents is too time consuming?

Let our property management team do the whole transfer for you and we assure you that no communication between you and your former agency will be required. We will take care of all communications and all that is needed to ensure an effortless and awkward-less transfer!

Watch this short video where Lachlan also explains why you should choose us to manage your property:

Get in contact with us by providing your contact & property details below and we’ll get in touch to understand how we can best help you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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